What you can do with your Urban Planning Degree as an Urban Planner

Being an urban planner is getting to be one of the most in-demand careers today. Although it was never even heard of in the past, city governments are now realizing and recognizing the importance of having a city that is well organized and well thought of.

That way, the layout is practical, the roads are wide, there is room for more infrastructures; may it be homes or business buildings and transportation is made far more efficient not just today but in the years to come.

That is what urban planning is all about making sure that everything is in its perfect place and extrapolating for the future, considering changes that may be necessary. That is why it is becoming a necessity and it is made even more so due to the increase in population. It is not a wonder, therefore, that more and more people are considering a career in this field.

what are the urban planning jobs that one can get has a diploma holder and ready to start making a career?

Although the thought of planning an entire city and making it work may seem enticing, it is not an easy task at all. Yes, there are computer games that are based on that but one cannot afford to make such a huge mistake in real life unlike in a computer game. That is why a city cannot be planned with just one single urban planner.

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When building or rebuilding a city, a team of urban planners is necessary in order for it to work. Each and every member of the team has his or her own speciality. That is why there are different types of jobs available as far as urban planning is concerned.

From a larger perspective planners work upon these aspects promote healthy lifestyles and provide a better quality of life areas and creating new jobs providing affordable housing of climate change helping to protect our environment and providing sustainable solutions to our transport needs carbon emissions in our homes, factories, and businesses participation in making policies which affect everyone.

Urban Planners Top Jobs

Urban Planner

Urban planning jobs vary widely in a number of private, government, nongovernment organizations. Development authorities and Town & Country Planning Department of state govt. are the major recruiters of town planners.

• City/town/urban planning
• Community development officer
• Environmental planning
• Land use planning
• Municipal planning
• Planning director
• Planning consultant
• Regional planning
• Transportation planning

Various work as done by the Urban Planners

The working area for an urban planner/ town planner is huge and vary greatly on the basis of location and specialization of an urban planner.

Town planning or Urban Planning is an emerging career with a golden future. There are a huge demand and supply gap in planners all over the world. The demand is mostly in developing countries followed by developed countries.

Planning is a collective process between city leaders and residents to envision a better future. Such decisions are often hard we must decide which needs are most important to best prepare for the future and then plan carefully how to use our time, money, and other resources.

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An urban planner or town planner can

  • Preparation of Master plans, Regional plans, Sector plans, District and Neighborhood plans.
  • Preparation of Physical layout plans for residential, Commercial, Institutional, Recreational, Industrial areas and Tourism Development plans.
  • Conduct of Socio-economic impact assessment and Demographic studies.
  • Prepararation of Environmental Impact Assessment, Site Analysis and Environmental Audit Reports
  • Conducting a transportation and Traffic management studies.
  • Directing and control the Process of City Development.
  • City Management and Waste Management
  • Preparation of Slum Improvement programmes and housing projects.
  • Prepare feasibility reports and planning briefs.
  • Advocate for Communities and Individuals.
  • Provision of Professional advice for real estate/property developers.
  • Disaster Risk Assessment and Emergency Management.
  • Conducting street naming and property numbering.
  • Control of outdoor advertisement
  • Preserve/conserve historical sites

Planning jobs can vary widely, and can have many differing job titles, such as

In Government Sector

Perhaps the most well known among the jobs are in the Government Sector. After all, it is the main task of the government to make sure that the cities are safe and running well. As a government urban planner,

  • You can expect to be tasked to fix neighbourhoods that need renovating because it is already old,
  • fixing particular lands as a government building will be built, revitalizing projects and the list goes on.

In the Private Sector

Now, if the path of a government urban planner is not for you, you can also choose to be a Private Sector Planner. These planners tend to work for private consulting firms, architectural firms and companies that have something to do with civil engineering. One cannot deny the importance of having a smooth and efficient transportation system.

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This is the problem of a lot of cities today and it is up to a Transportation Planner to fix that. No wonder it is one of the most common urban planning jobs available. They are the ones in charge of fixing traffic congestion and even the air pollution that transportations bring about.

Culled from Planning Tank | Urban Planning Job Description

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