Why Urban Planners are more Important than Architects in Building Industry

Several times, both urban planners and architects work together to complete plans for a building that is going to be constructed. The architect’s design building plans, while the urban planners are responsible for recommending how land will be used and what types of things are needed to meet the needs of a community. Both urban planners and architects need to be familiar with building codes and land use regulations to make sure that their work complies with all applicable regulations.

When the architect is focusing on one building project, the urban planner will be considering that project as well as several other projects, including how outdoor areas will be developed. Architects focus on a specific client’s needs, while urban planners must consider the needs of the community. As an urban planner, he/she does not need to be designing every single building in the town, instead defines zones, an industrial zone, a commercial zone, a residential zone etc.

Roles of the Urban Planners in Building Industry

The urban planner spends more time in ensuring that the zones have all the necessary resources required to act and grow independently and they are connected well with each other to make sure people can easily commute between the different zones. The city will continue to grow and evolve within the zones, and as long as people can easily travel between the different zones and the resources within each zone suffice the growing needs of the zone, the city will flourish.Urban Planners are more Important than Architects

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To prepare for a career as an urban planner it is common to major in disciplines such as; environmental design or geography. After earning a bachelor’s degree, aspiring urban planners must complete a master’s degree in urban or regional planning. Urban planners determine how land will be developed in urban areas to accommodate the city;s needs based on population growth.

Urban planners typically work regular daytime hours, although they may need to attend some evening or weekend meetings, and they do need to travel to the locations they are considering development projects. The majority of urban planners work for local governments, although they may also find work with architectural or engineering firms.

Urban Planner Job Responsibilities Include

– Meeting with community members to discuss development proposals
– Addressing concerns from the community
– Assessing development proposals
– Reviewing relevant bylaws and regulations that may affect how land is developed
– Assessing the long-term needs of an area and prioritizing development needs

Architect Roles in Building Industry

Some architects are self-employed, but the greatest work for architectural or engineering firms. The architects are responsible for designing structures that will be constructed. The architects spend a lot of time working regular daytime hours in offices, although they do need to travel to the scene where a structure they designed is being built to make sure that their design plan is followed.

The Architect need to have a bachelor’s degree in architecture, and must also complete an internship and pass a national exam to work as an architect. Architects use their creative talents when developing design plans but they also need strong analytical skills, because they must consider building codes, clients' needs and budgets when working on their designs.

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Job responsibilities of An architect include

– Meeting with potential clients to discuss their projects and needs
– Developing a proposed budget for the project
– Drafting sketches of what the building would look like
– Preparing blueprints
– Checking on the construction crew's progress
– Finalizing contracts with construction crews

Culled from study.com | Difference Between Urban Planner & Architect

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