Town Planners and Town Planning Consultant Overview

The town planners are usually highly experienced people having strong knowledge in their area of work. Planners usually have a qualification in urban planning and they are very much through with the regulations of the local government and with the planning policies of the state government. There are several experienced town planners doing private practice now but were previously employed by the local councils and state’s governments

In many communities, the government hires town planners to improve the quality of life by closely working with them at the time of planning the town. The responsibility of the town planners is to make the best use of the land without causing any harm to the natural beauty of the place. Town planners should make sure that the designs of the town and country at large take into account the weather conditions prevalent in that particular area.

Town Planners Responsibilities

Town Planners

– The town planners main responsibility is to avoid social, economic and environmental problems within their town of employment. The planners do this by making recommendations to local elected officials that show the needs of the town.

– Town planners recommendations for neighborhood sectors may work to reduce the current problems, they also make proposals for new legislation or buildings. When approaching existing problem planners must find the root of the problem as well as any related issues.

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– When the government is making new regulations, it is crucial that planners make recommendations only after extensive research and data collection to make suggestions that are in the town’s best interest, and lessen the chance that problems will arise in the future.

– Town planners should keep in mind the long and short-term goals for the town’s growth when they are making recommendations to local government officials, including zoning, proposals for new public buildings, parks or utilities,

The town planning consultant is a professional with expert knowledge of planning permission. The planner’s help can make the difference between a project getting planning approval or not. Advice, preparation, and submission of planning applications. Appeals against refusal of planning permission. The town planner can focus on a specific area of practice and have a title such as:

– City planner
– Town planner
– Regional planner
– Long-range planner
– Transportation planner
– Infrastructure planner
– Environmental planner
– Parks planner
– Physical planner
– Health planner
– Planning analyst
– Urban designer
– Community development director
– Economic development specialist and other similar combinations

What to be considered to set up a Town Planning Consultant Firm

– The planning authority name or the planning council responsible for taking the decision for the proposed town planning consultancy firm
– The attitude of the planning authority as far as the development projects are concerned;
– The town planner must give consideration to whether anyone else, such as, in the neighbors or interested parties can object to the town planning consultancy firm
– The time is taken for the development application process;
– Find out if there is any need for a pre-application meeting with the concerned council town planners;
– If there are any third parties that can make an appeal against the council’s decision;
– In case of an appeal, what is the approximate cost that has to be incurred?

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The responsibilities of a town planner vary between jurisdictions, and sometimes within jurisdictions. The following is, therefore, a general description of the responsibilities of an urban planner, of which an urban planner may well typically practice two or more of. An urban planner may also specialize in one responsibility only.

– Land use planning
– Strategic urban planning
– Regional planning
– Heritage and conservation
– Urban renewal
– Master planning
– Transportation planning
– Economic development
– Environmental planning
– Urban design
– Infrastructure planning

Town Planners Job Opportunities Information

The government employs most of the town planners, but a few may find employment with private companies, including real estate development or planning firms. The demand for town planners is expected to grow at an average rate when compared with other occupations; the number of jobs is predicted to grow 6% from 2014-2024 ( U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

A bachelor’s degree is a minimum need for the town planners profession, but many town planners also hold master’s degrees and they are more suitable for advancement within the profession. Typically the town planners in the higher salary range have more experience, possibly a master’s degree or higher, and generally, these planners work for larger cities.

As a town planner, you can work in government agencies or planning firms to create and carry out plans for a town development and prosperity. A bachelor’s degree in a relevant field will suffice, but most town planners hold a master’s degree in addition to their experience.

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