Top Urban Planning and Architecture Internships Abroad

If you’re an urban planner in a good position and have dreams of emigrating, you can apply for Urban Planning Internships Abroad. There are thousands of cities around the world who need urban planners and this open internship opportunity is one way to get involved. City planners are critical to the success of any new development and responsible for ensuring that the principles of planning are applied to the current and future needs of a community.

A large metropolitan area often needs to consider multiple agencies, organizations and even non-profits when creating a plan, so this isn’t just a task of one person’s life. Urban planners deal with the public, the politicians and the financial aspects of planning.

Urban Planning Internships and Architecture Abroad offers high quality, hands-on internship experiences in the U.S. and abroad cities. You will be able to participate in planning activities at various agencies and study how local planning issues relate to your country of choice. Planning Internships Abroad is great for students who are looking to work in planning.

Many educational institutions offer the Urban Planning and Architecture Internships

Urban Planning and Architecture Internships Abroad

Urban Planning Internships at Wits-TUB Urban Lab

The Wits-TUB Urban Lab is a cooperation between the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand and the Technical University Berlin that is funded by the DAAD has scholarships available in the School for Architecture and Planning at the University of Witwatersrand, supported by a bilateral programme at the TU Berlin.

The master’s scholarships apply to the following 1-year full time (January – December 2021) degree at Wits University in Johannesburg, supported by a bilateral programme with TU Berlin: Master of Urban Studies in the field of Urban Management – MUS (UM)

For all applicants whose last highest degree was not obtained in South Africa, a proof of application for assessment of their degrees by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) must be attached to the scholarship application. (More info under the link below).

The scholarship programme includes a joint Wits-TU Berlin summer school week in Johannesburg in which students from TU Berlin will join the cohort at Wits University. The scholarship programme focuses on four innovation areas which address SDG implementation in urban areas:

  • Politics and policy of the urban
  • Understanding complex urban systems
  • Managing change processes
  • Co-producing knowledge between theory and practice. Learn more
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Internships and Part-Time Jobs at Arizona State University

You can gain valuable work experience, apply your classroom knowledge to real-world situations, build your professional network and earn college credit (and maybe even a paycheck). That’s the value of an internship. The School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning encourages students to seek out and participate in internships.

Finding an internship requires preparation and commitment, so if you’d like to do an internship, plan to begin your search about two to four months before you hope to be an intern.

Many students arrange internships independently by contacting organizations where they have an interest in interning. You can also get started by reviewing the list of current geography and urban planning internships and part-time jobs by visiting the official website

Urban Planning and Architecture Internship at Virtual Internship

Being able to plan and develop a building, city, park, and much more is one of the reasons why Urban Planning and Architecture are not only exciting but in-demand careers. The Urban Planning and Architecture career field gives interns the opportunity to support a wide range of tasks including CAD work, developing sample boards, perform technical analysis, support community development, and more.

Participants wanting to expand their experience supporting city planning, technology applications to development, architectural firms, and environmental agencies will be able to work for start-ups and established consultancies, firms and mid-sized companies as they take on business support work and tasks directly related to Urban Planning or Architecture.

Example Projects

  • Research for architectural projects (including PPT editing, graphics and production support)
  • Creating rapport with existing clients via video/phone calls and emails. Followed by reaching out to new clients and starting the onboarding process (administrative work)
  • Explore new architectural design concepts for firm clientele. Continue reading

Internships/Fellowships/Jobs/Urban Studies at Brown University

The following institutions have contacted the Brown University’s office in the past with information about internships. The list below is provided for information only; deadlines for this year’s internship opportunities may have already passed.

HUD Student Interns Program

The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Interns Program is always interested in finding talented people who have the skills needed to meet our future employment needs. Through a variety of programs, the HUD Intern Program is designed to help recruit and attract exceptional individuals to a broad spectrum of occupations within HUD.

The HUD Internship program offers interns professional experiences and formal training opportunities that are tailored to meet their educational and professional goals and interests.

Ascendant Neighborhood Development Corporation

Ascendant is a non-profit community development organization headquartered in East Harlem. It owns and manages approximately 700 apartments throughout East and Central Harlem. The organization is reinvesting in its existing portfolio and actively pursuing expansion opportunities.

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Ascendant welcomes student interns and class research projects on a range of issues, including neighbourhood planning, sustainability/resiliency, organizational management, facilities management, preservation, landscape architecture, art, graphic design, and real estate finance.

Environment American Fellowship

Environment America promotes bold ideas and organizes action to commit our country to 100% renewable energy, keep fossil fuels in the ground, ban bee-killing pesticides, end pollution of our water, and protect and expand our national parks and other public lands.

We’re not afraid to think boldly, but we’re well aware that bold thinking is not enough. We work hard to produce the research, public education and citizen action it takes to win real results for our environment right now. and much more

Urban and Public Affair Internships at University of Louisville

The profession internship is an integral of the Master of Urban Planning program at the University of Louisville. Internships offer the opportunity to integrate and utilize the skills and knowledge accumulated during the academic course work.

Internships provide invaluable experience for students interested in a particular field and also are an excellent source of professional references as they begin to look for permanent jobs. The internship consists of 200 hours for MUP students.

Student Responsibilities

The student intern exhibits professional conduct and responsibility and follows the policies and rules of the sponsoring organization. In addition to meeting their job-related internship responsibilities, interns must maintain a journal and complete a final research paper. The internship is carried out under the direction of both an agency and faculty mentor.

Sponsoring Agent Responsibilities

The sponsoring agency is expected to provide a suitable work environment by meeting the same professional standards. It also must be legally established and financially sound. A representative of the agency will sign the internship agreement and assign a member of its staff as a field mentor.

The mentor is responsible for assigning responsibilities and offering guidance to the intern. Mentors will also be asked to complete a final evaluation report to be forwarded to the faculty adviser.

Examples of Agencies for Student Internships

  • HUD: Department of Housing and Urban Development
  • Robert Doughty Consultancy England
  • Bauhaus Design, Germany
  • Noltmeyer Capital
  • Integra Realty
  • City Properties Inc.
  • San Francisco Parks Department
  • American Planning Association
  • Louisville Metro Government: Planning and Design
  • Louisville Metro Government: Economic Growth and Innovation
  • Louisville Metro Government: Community Revitalization Services
  • Transit Authority of the River City
  • The Center for Non-Profit Excellence
  • Housing Partnership Inc.
  • New Directions Housing Corporation. Learn more

The program requires students to possess at least an undergraduate degree and an extensive international experience. Some sites require extra work experience or volunteer hours before being considered for internships.

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Many fields of Urban Planning require a two-year degree, while some more specialized fields require a two-year degree plus specific, relevant work experience. One of the things that make many fields of Urban Planning interesting is the fact that the degree or certifications you have, doesn’t matter as much as the experience that you have.

This also means that you can learn a variety of different skills while participating in the planning process. The classes that you take will provide a better understanding of local cities and situations than most other degrees you can get.

Before you can start working on a project in your country, you must first sign up to be an intern at the planning agency. Then, you must graduate from the program, which means that you will probably be working for the agency for several years.

While you are there, you can continue to work and help people in your area without having to leave to continue working in another country. You can also expand your skills and make connections that will bring you back to your home country.

When you graduate, your degree and certification will be ready to go when you return to your home country after school graduation. Because you have developed a strong foundation in Urban Planning, you should not have trouble finding a job after you graduate.

Often, planning internships are more concentrated than the work you do directly on a major project, but they will always require considerable exposure to politics and public works. This is why most interns in this field choose to stay in the United States.

The best career choice for planning graduates is planning related jobs. This gives them the breadth and depth of knowledge that are necessary to reach their full potential as planners.

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