The Science and Arts Involved in Town Planning Concepts

With the advancement of science and technology and the increase in demands for a comfortable living, town planning concept has attracted much attention in today’s world. Any unplanned city can evoke much disgust besides practical problems like transportation hassles, water problems, congestion etc.

Town planning concept involves effective land use along with transportation planning to improve the look and feel with the socio-economic environment of any city. The process of town planning might also involve urban renewal by adapting new planning methods for cities suffering from decay.

Apart from the technicalities involved in town planning, the aspect of town planning also involves a lot of arts and aesthetics. Even ancient cities of Indus Valley Civilization and Mesopotamian Civilization have earned laurels for exhibiting fine town planning.

There are several elements that are taken into consideration while planning a town

Town Planning Concepts
  • Aesthetics: To ensure a neat and clutter-less city with proper arrangements, segmentation and zoning.
  • Safety: Planning should be designed to avoid injury from furies of nature or accidents.
  • Slums: Planning needs to address the issue of slum development.
  • Urban decay: Preventing urban decay should be a part of planning.
  • Reconstruction: Renewal of slums and reconstruction of urban decay is important.
  • Transport: Keeping provisions for a flawless transportations system with highways, roads, and railways is of utmost concern in planning.
  • Sub-urbanization: Leaving room for the sub-urbanization process to take place as the city grows.
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Strategy and accuracy is one important aspect of town planning concept that plays important roles in urban planning. Usually, town planning consultants involved in the job of securing proper planning. Prior to the second half of the last century, urban planning was seldom a unique profession.

  • The town planning consultants offer services in
  • Real estate planning
  • Industrial planning
  • Residential and
  • Commercial planning.

Town planning consultants are equipped with knowledge in

  • Architecture
  • Surveying, and
  • Engineering.

The town planning consultants typically work for nationwide or small local projects under the government. With time the concept of urban planning that has gained dynamism with the including of newer concepts that have been brought about to ease out the difficulties in handling the mammoth nature of the tasks.

Subdivision planning is one such concept. It refers to the breaking down or subdividing of land into smaller areas which are easier to sell or develop. It is usually done via a Plat. Plat refers to a plan consisting of maps showing detailed divisions of the land.

In countries like the United State, Plat is referred to as a cadastral map, drawn to scale, showing the divisions of a piece of land. The country’s General Land Office surveyors drafted township Plats of Public Lands Surveys to show the distance and bearing between section corners, sometimes including topographic or vegetation information.

The city, town or village plats show subdivisions into blocks with streets and alleys. Further refinement often splits blocks into individual lots, usually for the purpose of selling the described lots; this has become known as subdivision.

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Types of Plat

Plat of consolidation

This originates when a landowner takes over several adjacent parcels of land and consolidates them into a single parcel. In order to do this, the landowner will usually need to make a survey of the parcels and submit the survey to the governing body that would have to approve the consolidation.

Plat of subdivision

This usually appears when a landowner or municipality divides land into smaller parcels. If a landowner owns an acre of land, for instance, and wants to divide it into three pieces, a surveyor would have to take precise measurements of the land and submit the survey to the governing body, which would then have to approve it,

A plat of subdivision also applies when a landowner/building owner divides a multi-family building into multiple units. This can apply for the intention of selling off the individual units as condominiums to individual owners.

Correction plat

This type of plat records minor corrections to an existing plat, such as correcting a surveying mistake or a scrivener’s error. Such plats can sometimes serve to relocate lot-lines or other features, but laws usually tightly restrict such use.

A vacating plat

This simply functions to legally void a prior plat or portion of a plat. The rules normally allow such plats only when all the platted lots remain unsold and no construction of buildings or public improvements has taken place.

This type of land division is usually controlled by subdivision ordinances where such ordinances specify certain standards and requirements. The process of subdividing may vary from place to place but here is an example of how it is done in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County:

  • An informal sketch plan is produced.
  • The applicant submits a preliminary plan to the Planning Department.
  • Planning Department reviews the plan.
  • Each of the reviewing departments has to approve the plan.
  • Planning Department staff grants approval if all formalities are cleared.
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