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Difference Between City Planner & Architect

City Planner & Architect

There are occasions that city planners and architects may additionally work collectively to complete plans for a building that is going to be constructed. while architects design building plans, city planners are accountable for recommending how land should be used and what types of things are vital to fulfilling the wants of a community. Architects […]

Ogun State Urban and Regional Planning Board Development Control Department Duties

Development Control Department

Ogun State urban and regional planning board was established and saddled with the responsibilities of controlling all various physical developments be it residential, commercial, industrial, public, and institutional. Monitoring all the development in Ogun State to control the growth of urban sprawl in Ogun State. Development control is the process by which Ogun State urban […]

Civil Engineers and Urban Planners Roles in Building Construction

Civil Engineers and Urban Planners

The urban planners are the professionals that are dealing with the physical layout of human settlements which includes considerations of efficiency, sanitation, protection and use of the environment, as well as effects on social and economic activities. The civil engineers are professionals dealing with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built […]