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Physical Planning

Solar Electric System

3 Types of Solar Electric System Benefits

We have so many ways we can generate renewable solar energy. It all depends on the type of solar electric system we choose. And for that, we need to understand the various classifications used for types of solar electric systems, which is determined by the…
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Environmental Planning Careers

Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning Careers Overview

Most careers in environmental policy and environmental planning involve spending a lot of time in an office environment reading, researching, planning, and collaborating with co-workers. However, some environmental planning jobs involve the oversight or implementation of building programs, meaning that you may have to spend…
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Conflicts Resolution

Conflicts Resolution and Urban Development

Urban Development takes many forms and it can share perspectives and practices with urban design. Several methods have been adopted by various countries in trying to tame the raving menace of social conflicts in their urban areas, ethnic and religious conflict is the most prominent…
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Real Estate License Exam Study

Comprehensive Real Estate License Exam Study Guide

This real estate license exam study guide is designed to help aspiring real estate brokers and realtors to get their license. With many different features such as practice questions and flashcards, this comprehensive exam prep app is all you need to master the real estate…
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