Real Estate Photography: Tips for Realtors

Real estate photography has now become a common type of photography. People are always eager to buy property as their primary motive is to purchase a house or land or invest in it. Also, it is the best career for those who want to get into a photographer’s job.

Real estate photography is calling on the hit list to make money. Every real estate agent’s purpose is to sell the house or property, and realtors are always looking for unique photography styles that attract new clients. And when you want to do your business listing, the first thing you need to care about is that you have perfect shots and videos because listing photos is usually a buyer’s first impression of a home.

With the advancement of technology, most buyers prefer to use online resources to buy a home, and in this real estate listing, photos are the first thing they see when looking for homes online. As a real estate agent, you need to find and hire a professional who can help make your listing photos catch buyers’ attention.

Real Estate Photography

Below are some tips that a real estate agent needs to keep in mind while listing a property on various channels

Hiring a real estate Photographer

As a real estate agent, if you think you cannot take perfect shots, you should hire a professional. A professional real estate photographer is the fastest and easiest way to get the best real estate images, especially in rigid timelines.

However, before hiring a photographer for property photography, you need to check the property photographer’s cost, the house’s size, and the number of photos you need to list on your social platforms. Also, it will be beneficial if you find a real estate photographer in your area. But before hiring, you need to review the work of the photographer and judge his skills.

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Creating a portfolio

As a realtor, it becomes necessary to develop your portfolio, showcasing your profile to help the investor or buyer better understand your work. In this digital world, most buyers usually prefer to visit the agent’s website instead of personally visiting the property. Hiring a professional photographer allows you to make your portfolio appear more attractive and professional.

However, it is not mandatory to hire a professional photographer. Sometimes realtors cannot afford professional photographers because of low budgets, or sometimes they are not readily available. In such a scenario, the realtor needs to complete the job on its own. And for that, one should follow the below tips to take the best listing shots.

Buy a Camera In Your Budget

Digital cameras appear in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges; however, many agents think that to gain a quality image, they need to spend more money on the camera quality. The fact is that to get a quality image; you do not need to spend on an expensive camera; instead, you need to find an excellent professional photographer.

Following are some of the real estate camera option that you can consider before buying

Digital point-and-shoot

These are compact and easy to use a camera, popular with many agents. However, you need to consider the one who can shoot at least 5-megapixel images.


When you already own a good smartphone with a quality camera, you can purchase attachments such as a lens, stand, or light for taking real estate photos with your smartphone.


The primary advantage of real estate aerial photography using drones is that you can capture interior and exterior shots from different angles. Investing in drone photography will make you stand out further from the rest of the crowd. The only downside of using a drone is that it has a high upfront cost compared to other devices.

Real Estate Photography


DSLR is a great option when you want to make a long-term investment in real estate photography. DSLR will provide the best listing photos in any lighting conditions as they have interchangeable lenses, and most importantly, they allow control over the photo quality.

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Invest in a wide-angle lens

Using a wide-angle lens for real estate photography will show more of a room than using a conventional lens by allowing the buyer a better view of what they are seeing. However, many people think that wide-angle lenses are generally expensive, but some wide-angle lenses are usually inexpensive.

Focus on the lighting

Real estate photography is challenging because you need to depend on lighting conditions after having all the equipment. As you all know, natural light can make any image a right-click so that the property can be defined more prominently with its rays.

And when talking about real estate photography, you need to click shots of every corner of the room. When there is no natural light, you need to depend on the room’s electric light, but it balances the shot when combined with the natural light.

Use a tripod

One of the most straightforward real estate photography tips is to use a tripod. A tripod acts as a helping hand in any situation. It can still be critical when taking interior shots using natural light because natural lighting is best taken with slow shutter speed. Although, you need to get an adjustable tripod to eliminate blurry photos.

Real Estate Photography

Adjust your camera

The pro tip to take unique real estate photography is to place your camera’s vertical axis lined up with walls and other vertical objects. Also, to eliminate blurry images, a tripod will hold a camera steady and can be adjusted for a perfect shot.

Taking several shots at different exposures

When taking a real estate photography photo, you can challenge yourself to balance artificial and natural light. The way to deal with this is to deal with exposure bracketing, in which you combine the same images taken at a different exposure. Most of the editing programs have the capability. And even if you do not have this option, at least you have different directions to choose one image.

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Editing the photos

When you are aware of the editing program and know how one can easily edit photos to make it look more appealing, there is much software available to adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings. However, it would help if you are careful not to misprint the home, as it will upset the buyer when they do not see what they expect.


Real estate photography is equal to competition, just like any other photography profession. The only thing you need to study as a real estate agent is to hire a professional who can give a different look to the property by its click.

This is so because real estate listing is the first thing a buyer will notice before physically visiting or purchasing it. Even if anyone is not buying a new property, one can use real estate photography for home staging. As a real estate agent, you keep thinking about every aspect of real estate photography as your long-term future.

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