Philadelphia Real Estate Council Fellowship Grants

The Philadelphia real estate Council fellowship grant is an offer designed for students of real estate and related fields to explore an area of interest within the real estate market of the Mid-Atlantic region, publish their research through the Philadelphia Real Estate Council, and get paid for their work.

The council is seeking students of real estate and related fields to apply for this fellowship by submitting a brief proposal (2-3 pages) for a subject of study, including why the student thinks this topic is important and a tentative research plan.

The real estate students or related field of study selected for a Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Fellowship will work directly with Philadelphia real estate council’s Director of Research to conduct a thorough study of this area of inquiry, then write a professional-quality, thoroughly researched and documented white paper addressing a challenge and proposing a solution.

The opportunity to incorporate this research into an independent study with a member of the program’s faculty is available at the discretion of the student’s program.

Philadelphia Real Estate Council Fellowship Grants Eligibility

Philadelphia Real Estate Council

Each applicant must be enrolled either part or full-time in an accredited graduate or undergraduate program related to real estate. This includes degree programs and concentrations in
– Real Estate Development
– Business Administration
– Finance, Architecture
Urban Planning

– Hospitality
– Operations
– Economics
– Construction Management
– Real Estate Law
– and related fields.

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Students from throughout the United States are eligible to apply for PREC’s 2016 Research Fellowships. However, only projects focusing on an issue that is directly relevant to the Mid-Atlantic region will be considered for this Fellowship (refer to map for Philadelphia real estate council’s Mid-Atlantic coverage area). Driving markets in this region include:

– Philadelphia,
– Baltimore
– Atlantic City
– Wilmington
– Trenton

– Harrisburg
– Princeton
– and Allentown.
Close friends and family of Philadelphia real estate council members, its staff, and sponsors are ineligible for this Fellowship.

How to apply: To apply for this Fellowship, please email Tatiana Sweden, Associate Director of Research including the following information in your application email:

– Name, Address, Phone
– School and Program
– If you plan to incorporate this Fellowship into an independent study during the spring semester, please show this as well to

As part of your application, please attach a 2-3 page Research Proposal that includes the following information

– A general overview of the topic you wish to explore
– Please describe why you believe this topic is important to the Mid-Atlantic real estate market
– A plan of action for your research. Briefly tell us how you plan to study your subject and support the overarching agenda of your article.

– Some common sources and research methods for real estate white papers include interviews, public records, market data from reputable research firms or organizations, other white papers, scholarly articles and journalism. Visit the scholarship official website for more detailed information.

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