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The Ogun State housing corporation main function is the creation and providing affordable houses, commercial and industrial buildings for acquisition by members of the public. This function is subject to the Ogun State housing corporation’s availability of funds and ancillary resources. The corporation’s function can be interpreted to mean that it should make sure people in the State own their personal houses or at least have access to decent, safe and sanitary accommodation at a cost-effective and affordable cost with secure land tenure.

Ogun State housing corporation was established and formalized through the enactment of Ogun State Edict No 11 published in the Ogun State of Nigeria Gazette No 12 Volume 2 of 16th June 1977. The Corporation, therefore, became a corporate body with perpetual succession and a common seal with powers and functions within the ambit of the law governing her.

Ogun State Housing Corporation Main Functions in the State

Ogun State Housing Corporation

– To help and educate people on processes of plan approval, estate management and maintenance.
– Helping in acquisition, development, construction and management of the residential, commercial and industrial estate.
– To design, construct and support the dwelling houses, commercial and industrial buildings.

– Provision and maintenance of roads, footways, bridges, drains, sewers and watercourses for or in connection with any housing estate, commercial or industrial estate, or building owned, constructed or managed by the Corporation.
– To acquire, construct, support, or repair any works, plant or apparatus necessary or desirable for the provision of electrical, water or sanitary for any housing estate, commercial or industrial estate or building owned, constructed or managed by the Corporation.

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– Selling, letting or otherwise disposing of any land vested in the Corporation upon such condition as the Corporation thinks fit.
– Encouraging Public/Private Partnership for the development of the Corporation’s Estates.
– Streamlining development on our Estates e.g. phase development.
– Encouragement of Landlords/Resident Associations on our Estates to foster good and active community participation in the development of the various Estates.

List of Ogun State Housing Corporation Real Estates

Ogun State Housing Corporation

In line with the mission of the Ogun State housing corporation to make sure the people of the state have access to decent, safe and sanitary housing accommodation at affordable cost with secure land tenure, we develop and support both commercial, Industrial and Residential Estates in all the parts of Ogun State; The real estates include:


– Ibara Housing Estate, Ibara Abeokuta
– Olokemeji Housing Estate, Abeokuta
– Ajebo Road Estate, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta
– Kemta Extension Housing Estate, Abeokuta
– Oke-Ata Housing Estate, Oke-Ata, Abeokuta
– Laderin Estate, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta
– Kemta I&II Estates, Abeokuta.
– Lagos Road Housing Estate, Abeokuta-(Industrial/Residential)
– Odeda Estate, Odeda-(Industrial/residential)


– Ifo Estate, Ifo Ogun State


– Ilaro Estate, Ilaro/Ibese, Ogun State
– Ayetoro Estate, Ayetoro, Ogun State.
– Ado-Odo Estate, Ado-Odo, Ogun State-(industrial/Residential)
– Idiroko Estate, Ikolaje, Idiroko, Ogun State


– Idiroko Road Estate, Ota-(Industrial/Residential)
– Erinko Estate, Ijoko, Ota-(Residential/Industrial)

Ijebu Ode

– Igbeba Estate, Igbeba, Ijebu Ode-Residential
– Ikangba Estate, Ikangba, Ijebu Ode-(Industrial/Residential)
– Itanrin Estate, Itanrin, Ijebu Ode-(Industrial/Residential)
– Ago-Iwoye Estate, Ago-Iwoye
– Ijebu-Igbo Estate, Ijebu-Igbo
– Sapade Estate, Sapade.

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– Sagamu Estate, Sagamu-(industrial/Residential)

In terms of housing production and construction, the Ogun State housing corporation indulge in the following activities

Shell Stage Bungalows: The shell stage detached bungalows are built with the purpose of affording the buyer the opportunity of choosing what material he uses to finish the building to his/her taste, it is designed to allow buyers contribute to the finishing of the building, the bungalows are designed in 2, 3 &4 bedrooms and are built on a standard plot with enough room for expansion and parking.

Brick Bungalows: This project started during the tenure of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as president of the country, the project is a federal government initiative to offer mass housing for Nigerians by building with materials that could be sourced locally to make housing affordable. The houses were built with interlocking bricks without the use of cement in joining the bricks together

Completed block bungalows: At the Corporations Idiroko Estate, Ikolaje, Idiroko, the corporation has completed 14 units of 2 bedroom detached bungalows for sales to members of the public, the project is situated in a conducive environment and with good space for future expansion. The houses were completed with necessary fittings for immediate access by anyone buying the houses, please visit the pre-application enquiries form.

Semi-detached Shell bungalows: The Corporation has 1bedroom semi-detached bungalows in her Ayetoro and Ago-Iwoye Estates, the project is now been put up for sales at shell stage level to any willing individual particular indigenes of the communities the project is located.

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