How Does Environmental Pollution Kill More People Than Cancer?

As if the number of people dying in the World War II wasn’t enough, environmental pollution kills more people than all the conflicts combined. Now this isn’t to say that there aren’t any environmental issues that kill people. In fact, they are far more common and serious than the conflicts. However, it is more difficult for these issues to be recognized and thus addressed. This is largely because most of us don’t even realize the scope of the problem.

Environmental pollution is a problem that is very real and is expected to continue killing more people than cancer. A lot of people don’t realize that environmental pollution has become such an overwhelming problem. While it was once considered that a certain amount of pollution was safe, this has become less true over the years.

Environmental Pollution

Just because a certain amount of pollution is good, it doesn’t mean that you should let it happen. It has been proven that the impact of environmental pollution can cause a variety of illnesses and death, such as lung cancer, mercury poisoning, respiratory problems, and birth defects.

How is environmental pollution caused?

There are two main theories on this. The first is the theory that environmental pollution is caused by a lack of knowledge on environmental impacts. Since knowledge of the environment is decreasing, it is believed that this will cause environmental pollution to increase. The other theory is that pollution is caused by humans themselves.

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Humans need to be more responsible for their actions. If we do not care about the effects of our actions on the environment, we will certainly not care about the effects of our actions on ourselves. This is why it is important to be aware of how much pollution we are creating and coming into contact with. Educating ourselves about pollution is the best way to fight it.

There are a number of different types of pollution

The most common type of pollution is non-native species entering the environment. These include deer, birds, and reptiles. The introduction of invasive species is the second most common type of environmental pollution.

This occurs when non-native species are taken from native environments and placed into new environments where they will reproduce. Species of fish are especially susceptible to being introduced into a new environment, which can cause them to overpopulate and cause an imbalance in their environment.

How is environmental pollution linked to cancer?

Studies have shown that exposure to toxins has a direct correlation to an increased risk of developing cancer. People who are consistently exposed to toxins are more likely to develop cancer. One of the most common toxins is lead.

Every time you ingest lead, it enters your body through your diet and in the exhaust that you generate. In order to avoid this risk, it is recommended that you install lead-free appliances and place lead-based paints in your home.

The third most common form of environmental pollution is pollution from landfills and factories

This is believed to be the largest single cause of environmental pollution and the fourth-largest cause of death by environmental pollution. This type of pollution creates a large number of toxins in the air and in the water. As the toxins build up, they interfere with the normal functioning of the immune system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and the reproductive system.

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The above article only touches on a few of the environmental pollution causes. There are many other pollutants out there that can cause cancer and many other life-threatening illnesses.

Because of the harmful nature of environmental pollution, many companies have decided to go green and choose environmentally friendly products. However, if you care about your health, then you should make sure that you and your family are not constantly exposed to environmental pollution.

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