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Being an expert in your field and willing to reach a mass audience, then you can choose to write for us. With Town Planners Diary, you can rest assured that your content on our site will get you some great exposure. Town Planners Diary is always looking for experienced writers who are passionate about writing on any of the listed professional and academical research topics listed below

Waste Management
Urban Renewal
Real Estate
Planning Issue
City Planning
Urban Agriculture
Urban Ecology
Environmental Problems
Urban Sociology
Water Supply
Urban Development
Urban Education
Recreation, and much more

Guidelines to Write for Us

Guest Post

– Only one link per post is allowed, which has to be listed in the author bio at the bottom of the article. ( Your site link)
– The guest post must be a minimum of 500 words in content and written in proper English.
– The writer may include a maximum of two outbound link within the post and must be relevant resources to the post and topic.
– The post submitted here must not be reproduced anywhere on the web including the writer blog. In doing so, both parties will suffer the sequences of duplicate content
– No affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

Submission of your post will get you full credit for the post with a bio and your website will also be linked at the bottom of every post you submit

The following are not allowed

– Duplicate Content
– Illegal Content
– Self Promoted Posts/Articles
– Affiliate Links in Articles
– Paid or Sponsored Articles/Links
– Too Short and Unprofessionally written
– Fake Author Info Or Fake Name
– Link to Bad Sites/ Banned sites/ Adult Sites/Warez Sites OR Blogs
– Copyrighted Images, Icons, Banners or Logos in Post

How to submit your Articles

Please submit your quality and unique article with accordance to our guidelines mentioned above by simply sending your article in .html or .txt format to our email address Once you submit your article, drop a comment below and please give us up to 72hours to review your article for publication on our site. We reserve the right to modify any guest article submitted before publishing and we can as well reject any post that we feel is not well written and not 75% genuinely prepared by the owner.

Sponsored Posts and Advertisement

Guest post is quite different from sponsored posts. Guest post is when you write for us as a guest blogger and sponsored posts are written by, or on behalf of, a company or organization to advertise a free or paid service. Town Planners Diary is a great site to promote your business, products, services, or startup with a sponsored post which can include images, contact information, etc. This sponsored post will stay on our blog forever as long as Town Planners Diary exists.

Sponsored posts, which can include press releases, videos, articles, interviews, name it, cost $150 per article and payment is required before your post(s) go live on Town Planners Diary. Thanks in advance for your contribution to the growth of Town Planners Diary

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