Global Reset – An Ancient Strategy For a New Millennium

In discussing the globalist Eurasian agenda and the globalist BRICS agenda during the Global Forums in Brimming with Global Shifts and Conflicts, many participants and observers have commented that such a top-down approach to global issues and implementation of so-called “dissimilar objectives” is not the way forward.

Yet, globalism does indeed run counter to the old-fashioned, top-heavy, and bureaucratic, command and control approach that has dominated international relations for decades.

Global Reset

To change the course of history, we must change our perception and mindset, and that begins by acknowledging the need to rethink our relationship with the world. After all, isn’t that what the ancient Greeks told us was the key to achieving freedom?

How do we change the perception, and therefore the course of action, towards the issues of global reset?

Globalization, and the associated globalization agenda, are now firmly entrenched, and arguably the biggest threat to the stability and peace within the human civilization since antiquity.

The spike in technological and economic development, and related globalization initiatives, have reached such a fever pitch that it is threatening the very foundation of contemporary civilization.

How does this pose a challenge for the present and the future?

Globalization and the associated spikes in technologies, inclusive of communication, travel, information, and economic sectors, pose a significant challenge for the present and the future of civilizations – especially those of the developed world.

Just as the proverbial icebergs grow bigger due to increased water levels, the oceans of global economy and trade are starting to overflow. Economic globalization and its accompanying economic, technological, and communication boom, has triggered a chain reaction of events that have reshaped the world economy, including:

  • Massive structural changes in labor markets
  • New and more sophisticated methods of international trade
  • Unfruitful dynamics of consumption
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These events, cumulatively, have triggered the largest burst of wealth and income since the industrial revolution, and the corresponding political and social transformations in virtually all parts of the globe.

But these phenomenal achievements have also sparked major threats to the stability of civilization. This emerging danger poses a challenge not only for the world’s socio-economic system but also for the present and the future of civilization.

At this juncture, it is important to note that there is an extremely potent, albeit illusory, inter-connected set of threats that has been slowly looming over the past decade.

It started with the United States, which started to back-slide on its alliance commitments, starting with the Gulf War, and culminating with the attack on Iraq under George W. Bush.

Russia also became a major trading partner of the United States, and China, while originally a great competitor, has started to back away from its ill-defined One-World-policy.

India, Japan, and South Korea have all backed off their historic alliances with the U.S., and France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have all but cut their ties with the U.S. altogether.

While all this was happening, the architects of International Relations were busy working out a counter-offensive strategy to deal with the threat posed by the “reset” process – and they have finally had enough time to back-up their claims with something even more grandiose.

In early 2020, it was announced that the United Nations would be changing its definition of war through the deployment of Very High Mobility Anti-surface Rockets (HVAR rockets) and Knife Sword anti-aircraft systems to African nations.

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These Very High Mobility Anti-surface Rockets and their associated Knife Sword systems are highly advanced strategic weapons capable of overwhelming enemy forces on a short-range basis and are almost sure to inflict heavy damage on enemy troop formations, buildings, infrastructure, and supply depots.

In short, this new definition of war is not about conventional military maneuvers but about massive shelling, shooting, and burning of enemy targets.

This new military concept is being referred to as “scorched earth” tactics. Apparently, the United Nations was trying to instill discipline and morale among the defense budgets of the developing world, and this initiative appears to have been a tremendous success.

Some say this new world order will never happen, because those who benefit from the new world order will simply use it as a weapon against their competitors.

Well, the truth is that those who benefit most from the global reset are the elitist classes who control the economies of the developed world

And there are many developing nations that are not friends to the United States, and there are also many third world countries that are close US allies in terms of trade.

So, those who advocate for a one-world order are correct, but those who oppose it must be stopped before it’s too late. Personally, I would urge you to stop supporting these types of activities, because you really don’t want a one-world. Please consider this.

The Global Reset is part of a new global plan, which also includes the formation of an international organization to coordinate the research, development, and deployment of new technologies, including anti-access and anti-counteractive technologies, which can help prevent international terror.

This new global organization will be formed in order to increase the efficiency and lethality of all weapons within its purview, which in turn will help counter the increasing proliferation of weapons in different regions.

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Additionally, this global research and development network should work closely with the United Nations, particularly with regard to coordinating the creation of a Global Peace Security Force.

It should be noted that this organization could only be created if a second consensus is reached on the need for such a force, which could be a new global consensus.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you work very hard in keeping our nation safe, because the security of all life on earth depends on it. If you have any comments, concerns, or conspiracy theories about this secret alliance or your nation’s security in general, you should know that we will find out soon enough, and we’ll be talking about this for decades to come, and perhaps much longer.

For now, please consider this issue, and the many issues that surround it, and do your part to protect the future of mankind and civilization as we know it. The future of humanity is literally in your hands, and no one is going to let it slip away, not even those who benefit from it the most. Please think about this.

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