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Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning Careers Overview

Most careers in environmental policy and environmental planning involve spending a lot of time in an office environment reading, researching, planning, and collaborating with co-workers. However, some environmental planning jobs involve the oversight or implementation of building programs, meaning that you may have to spend some of your time outdoors possibly in adverse weather conditions.

Typically careers in environmental policy and environmental planning require a Masters degree, though there are certainly some exceptions to this generalization. Some of the top employers of those specializing in environmental policy and environmental planning are various government agencies.

Some nonprofits corporations and politicians may also require the services of environmental policy and environmental planning It is important to note that critical thinking, computer skills, and communication skills are fine traits to possess if you’re looking for a career in Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning.

Environmental Planning and Policy Job Description

The job outlook for Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning careers is fantastic. Both fields are projected to grow faster than average, largely due to the astronomical population growth, worsening environmental conditions, the rapid development of sustainable technologies, and the constant reconsideration of environmental policies.

Steering public opinion on various green issues is those professionals involved in environmental policy and planning initiatives. While environmental jobs span a number of industries environmental policy and planning professionals should be familiar with the following tasks:

  • Evaluate land use issues
  • Remain compliant with applicable zoning and engineering plans
  • Organize correspondence, reports, data and other project information
  • Research local, state and federal environmental policies
  • Analyze remediation strategies
  • Proactively maintain client and stakeholder relationships
  • Show innovation in strategy across various projects
  • Work well in an interdisciplinary environment with other technicians, scientists, and engineers
  • Create and maintain technical documentation
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Maintain records and databases to support standard project operations
  • Provide technical feedback on environmental policy
  • Maintain aspects of operating budgets
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Senior environmental policy and planning personnel are often promoted on the strength of their strategic leadership. Each leadership position is unique, however, most have the same overarching traits:

Planning Careers - Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning Careers Overview
  • Craft management policies
  • Strategize the best use of engineering and human resources as well as asset management
  • Manage local environmental conservation projects where applicable
  • Solicit grant funding
  • Oversee consultant contracts with local and state agencies
  • Coordinate and serve on teams for resource conservation
  • Take interest in energy issues at all levels
  • Oversee the activities of hourly and seasonal team members
  • Develop short and long-range plans for energy scoring and reduction
  • Lead interdisciplinary teams and task forces for projects
  • Commit to best practices in work and research
  • Create a positive work environment, creating leadership opportunities by positive modelling of these traits.

There are many different career options in the Environmental Policy and Planning field. Though most involve a large amount of office work, each career focuses on different aspects of the policy-making and planning processes.

Culled from Environmental Science Website | Environmental Policy & Planning Careers

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