Development Permit Enabling Law in Ogun State

A development permit is a document issued by the urban and regional planning board for an applicant’s use, as well as the size and location of any buildings or structures. The development permit approvals must be obtained for new construction, renovations, businesses, and changes of use to existing buildings. Additional information such as construction details, site plan analysis and design details will be required to make the proper evaluation of the proposed development.

The permit applications always encouraged by the urban and regional planning board to be submitted in person to the proper zonal office and the board zonal officer staff will screen and make sure that the documents submitted for the development approval permits are complete. All submitted development permit applications must meet the urban and regional planning board requirements, such as land use, plot dimensions, plot area, etc.

Some of the Development Permit Approval Enabling Law in Ogun State

development permit

– Any document required for a development permit made under the urban and regional planning law of Ogun State shall comply with all requirements, regulations, and standards of the operative physical development plans where they apply.
– Any application for a development permit to erect or partition shall be in conformity with the building plan regulations of Ogun State Urban and Regional Planning Law
– A developer (whether private or government) shall apply for a development permit from the right authority in such form and providing such information including drawing designs, and any other information as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Ogun State Urban and Regional Planning Law

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Meeting any of the above, the Ogun state urban and regional planning board shall grant a developer the permit for:

– Any application which involves civil or structural details and calculations is prepared and signed by a qualified civil or structural engineer registered to practice in Nigeria and as specified in the building plan regulations made by the Ogun State Urban and Regional Planning Law
– Detailed information about construction works, provision of services are provided as may be specified by the commissioner

– All architectural drawings are prepared and signed by a registered architect
– The development plan application is accompanied by a survey plan prepared and signed by a registered surveyor. The record copy of which should have been lodged with the Ogun State’s surveyor-general

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