Concept of Landscape Architecture in Urban Planning

Urban planning is the aspect of landscape architecture concerned with the control of the land use and urban design environment which entails transportation networks in order to guide the orderly development of communities. Urban planning concerns itself with the potentials and problems of urban areas relate to the built environment and its underlying social, economic, political, and legal structure and related public policies.

Research and analysis, strategic thinking, urban design, policy recommendations, implementation and management are expected within the urban planning concept. The modern origins of urban planning lie in the movement for urban reform which arise as a reaction against the disorder of the industrial city in the mid-19th century.

Both urban planners and landscape architect are affected by environmental regulations and building codes. The urban planners and landscape architect must consider all local laws when they are working on plans. Landscape architects specifically focus more on the layout and features in outdoor areas and may have to consider things like existing trees or environmentally sensitive areas that they need to work around when determining how to use the land.

The urban planners mostly consider environmental factors as well as community needs and the long-term development plans for a specific region. Urban planner weighs a lot of information when deciding where parks or businesses should be constructed, and make recommendations about what types of projects should or should not be allowed in different parts of their city.

Urban planning entails urban renewal, by adapting urban planning methods to existing cities suffering from declination. In the late 20th century, sustainable development come to represent an ideal outcome in the sum of all planning goals. It concerns itself with research and analysis, strategic thinking, urban design, public consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management.

Urban design can take a variety of forms which include

  • Strategic plans
  • Comprehensive plans
  • Neighbourhood plans
  • Regulatory and incentive strategies, or historic preservation.
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Urban planners are often responsible for enforcing the chosen policies. An urban planner must be able to deal with both short and long-range planning and projects at various scales. What started as industrial cities in the mid 9th century has quickly turned into designing sustainable developments that adhere to health and safety regulations for the masses.

Landscape Architecture

There are many professionals who specialize in either fixing issues in existing developments or designing new ones, but, urban planning is usually executed by a group of individuals with specific skills and backgrounds. To be a part of this growing field, you must attend an urban planning school. Years ahead promise new developments and challenges to the ever-broadening urban planning profession.

How can you get started pursuing the urban planning profession regarded as the most needed profession?

You need to look into landscape architecture programs from the renowned landscape architecture schools that offer fully accredited landscape architecture degrees. A graduate degree in landscape design or work equivalent is required in order to obtain a landscape architecture license.

And going to one of the top landscape architecture schools could ensure a bright future of urban designing planning ahead of you! Don’t wait on it, take charge of your own career choice and start today with urban designing and planning. You can obtain a from a well-known and accredited landscape architecture schools that offer fully accredited landscape architecture degrees is of the utmost importance for getting started in urban planning.

The landscape architecture school at Academy of Art University provides students with the design and technical content and skills to enter the landscape architecture profession and to create beautiful, viable, and innovative outdoor places both here at home and around the world.

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You will learn the multiplicity of opportunities available in the landscape architecture profession and gain the skills and tools to help you succeed. Landscape architecture is the perfect combination of art and science, urban and rural, living systems and sculptural form, historical precedent, and innovative vision. It is the profession of the future.

Landscape Architecture Courses available at the Academy of Art University

Advanced Digital Graphics: As a landscape architect, effectively communicating your vision to your client is essential to success, as a professional. The institution will teach you how to apply advanced rendering software and interactive modelling to clearly illustrate your design intent.

Ecological Foundations of Design: You will learn to interpret and analyze the landscape, refining your knowledge of the interconnected natural systems involved in designing a landscape. Such systems include climate and water systems, plant life and wildlife habitat, soils and terrain, and geologic processes. You will learn to map and record this information and use it as a basis for design decisions in the studio.

The Technical World: Grading and Drainage: Sculpting the earth and controlling the movement of water across it are crucial skills that differentiate landscape architecture from other design professions. The institution will teach you the strategies and calculations to create accurate grading and drainage plans that incorporate functionality and artistry.

People and the Environment: Designing outdoor space is all about people. You will learn methods of observing, recording, analyzing and engaging with people’s complex and rich relationships with their outdoor environment.

Sustainable Designs and Practice Studio: Landscape architecture is, at its very core, a pursuit of sustainability and resilience. These courses emphasize resolving contemporary design challenges with real-world projects and clients. You will be able to explore the innovative details, strategies, and systems of landscape construction throughout the design process.

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