Computer Aided Design Software for Building and 3D Designs

Autodesk Vault is the computer aided design software integrated with Inventor Professional, AutoCAD Electrical and Mechanical and other Autodesk Civil 3D products, which makes the software the ideal CAD data management tool to help design teams effectively track ‘work in progress’ and maintain multi-user environments. The software serves different industries, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction and is also available for non-CAD users as Vault Office.

The computer aided design software product family includes Vault (WIP data management), Vault Workgroup (revision management and security, personalization) and Vault Professional (integration with ERPs, item master etc.). The Autodesk software professional version also includes support for Multi-Site replication and can co-exist with enterprise business systems. The software supports most of other Autodesk products as well as Microsoft Office and Outlook.

With Autodesk Vault, users can build a more efficient product development cycle by creating better designs and minimizing errors. The software allows efficiently tracking design revisions and smoothly managing the release process. Autodesk also provides a cloud-based service with subscription or perpetual license with the maintenance plan.

Autodesk Vault Computer Aided Design Software Features

  • Document management for non-CAD users
  • Vault Office Web and Thick Client
  • Central location for project data
  • Direct CAD injection
  • Fast data searching
  • Data reuse
  • Streamlined PDM workflows
  • Concurrent design
  • High-performance data management
  • Easy administration and configuration
  • Data standardization
  • Support for AnyCAD
  • Visual data management for Inventor
  • Projects and reporting
  • Revision Control
  • BOM management
  • Automated engineering change orders
  • Enhanced data security
  • Multisite scalability
  • Batch plotting for automated tasks
  • Unified item and file lifecycle engine
  • Support for raw material workflow
  • Cloud connection with Buzzsaw
  • Active Directory authentication
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With the unique user logins supports, Autodesk Vault Professional ensures transparency and accurate history tracking. The 3 levels of security i.e. user login security, file/folder security and lifecycle security provide an effective shield against security threats. The CAD software also excels in the searching department and supports file content indexing, allowing teams to search text inside documents, including MS Office files and DGWs. All links to parts and assemblies get updated as they are renamed or moved, which is a big plus for Inventor users who are dealing with thousands of parts.

Computer Aided Design Software

The computer aided design software makes it easier for users to Manage Change Orders and supports setting multiple routings. Users automatically get notified when they are required to participate in a change order. The CAD files related to a change order are also added automatically, while the users can leave their comments to facilitate the change. Autodesk Vault also records all changes made and provides complete history when teams need to review them. Bill of Materials is easily accessible from the vault through the Item Manager, while entries not including CAD files can also be added to the BOM, such as labour and maintenance items, grease, fuel, paint and so on.

Culled from Finances Online | Autodesk Vault Review

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