Complete AutoCAD Shortcuts for 3D and 2D Commands Keys in PDF

AutoCAD was developed and marketed by Autodesk used across a lot of industries, by architects, project managers, engineers, graphic designers, and many other professionals. AutoCAD is licensed, free, to students, educators, and educational institutions, with a 36-month renewable license available.

The student version of AutoCAD is functionally identical to the full commercial version, with one exception. Learning the AutoCAD Shortcuts Keys can make your work go faster. You can use the default keyboard shortcuts and create your own.

You can learn and easily use the Autocad shortcut keys that AutoCAD 2D and 3D commands using the software easily. Most of the Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students, Draftsman and engineers were using almost so most of them are using the Mouse only. So better avoid Mouse using and quick command that as 2D and 3D Commands as in an easy way.

Default AutoCAD Shortcuts Keys for 3D and 2D Commands Lists

AutoCAD Shortcuts Keys

F1: Displays Help
F2: Toggles the Text Window
F3: Toggles OSNAP
F4: Toggles Tablet mode
F5: Toggles ISOPLANE
F6: Toggles Dynamic UCS
F7: Toggles GRID mode
F8: Toggles ORTHO mode
F9: Toggles SNAP mode
F10: Toggles Polar Tracking
F11: Toggles Object Snap Tracking
F12: Toggles Dynamic Input

CTRL+0: Toggles Clean Screen
CTRL+1: Toggles the Properties palette
CTRL+2: Toggles the DesignCenter palette
CTRL+3: Toggles the Tool Palettes Window
CTRL+4: Toggles the Sheet Set Manager
CTRL+6: Toggles the DB connect Manager
CTRL+7: Toggles the Markup Set Manager
CTRL+8: Toggles the QuickCalc calculator palette
CTRL+9: Toggles the command window
CTRL+A: Selects all objects in the drawing

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CTRL+SHIFT+A: Toggles Groups
CTRL+B: Toggles Snap mode
CTRL+C: Copies objects to Clipboard
CTRL+SHIFT+C: Copies objects to Clipboard with Base Point
CTRL+D: Toggles Dynamic UCS
CTRL+E: Cycles through isometric planes
CTRL+F: Toggles running object snaps
CTRL+G: Toggles the grid
CTRL+J; CTRL+M: Repeats the last command (pressing Enter does the same)
CTRL+L: Toggles Ortho mode
CTRL+N: Creates a new drawing

CTRL+O: Opens an existing drawing
CTRL+P: Prints/plots the current drawing
CTRL+R: Cycles through layout viewports
CTRL+S: Saves the current drawing
CTRL+SHIFT+S: Opens the Save As dialogue box
CTRL+T: Toggles TABLET mode
CTRL+V: Pastes data from the Clipboard
CTRL+SHIFT+V: Pastes data from the Clipboard as a Block
CTRL+X: Cuts objects to Clipboard

CTRL+Y: Cancels the preceding Undo action
CTRL+Z: Reverses the last action
CTRL+[; CTRL+: Cancels the current command (pressing Esc does the same)
CTRL+PAGE UP: Moves to the next layout tab to the left of the current tab
CTRL+PAGE DOWN: Moves to the next layout tab to the right of the current tab
ALT+F11: Displays the Visual Basic Editor
ALT+F8: Displays the Macros dialogue box

You can also download the AutoCAD shortcuts keys for 3D and 2D commands for an Android mobile app which covers most of the portions of Autodesk Autocad application like Autocad 360, etc. Most of the users can know the Autocad but they do not use the smart 2D commands and 3D Commands for that only they have created and published with free. The PDF version is also available for download.

Autocad shortcuts and commands are mainly to know then only the Autocad Software can be used otherwise it would as a Patient software. More than 1200 Commands which were in this app for what purpose using that also we mentioned. Updated windows and mac os full command and shortcut keys added with quiz option easily to understand everyone user-friendly.

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