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Travel Services Plan

Smart Planner: 7 Travel Services Best Idea

Travelling is something that many people want to have as often as possible. This allows you to explore other countries, learn a lot of interesting things about various nations, and even change your way of life for the better. Due to the many pleasant things…
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Federal Road Safety Corps

Federal Road Safety Corps 44 Traffic Violation Fines

The federal road safety corps is the agency responsible for road safety administration in Nigeria. The main mission of the federal road safety corps in the country is to reduce road crash deaths and injuries by 50%. The federal road safety corps statutory functions include:…
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Urban Business Area

Urban Business Area Traffic and Parking Problems Solutions

An urban business area is the commercial and business center of a city. The urban business area also known as central business district (CBD) often coincides with the "city centre" or "downtown", but the two concepts are separate: many cities have a central business district…
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Impact and Effect of Highway Development

Impact and Effect of Highway Development on the Ecosystem

Highway development most direct effect on ecosystems is the destruction of a natural habitat through its “conversion” to a transportation land use or “right-of-way”. Although natural vegetation may be preserved within the right-of-way, the original natural characteristics of the land are eliminated within the paved…
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