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20 Best Ways to Enjoy Snowfall in Canada or the USA

One can not deny the importance of home especially the relaxing area at the same time people with moderate thinking enjoy all-weather at home corners with different advisable ways and creations. Life is not rush that u spend all-time at work or spend in useless…
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5 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Florida

Seashores, entertainment meccas, national parks, and a variety of one of a kind vacation spots make Florida. Florida is one of the most visited states in America. Families run to Orlando, while sunseekers head to the seaside urban areas like Miami, Fort Lauderdale. A series…
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Water Filter

Water Filter: 5 Reasons Why People Love it

Water is an essential thing for living beings from animals to a human being, for all living people. But the available water is drinkable for us? , is it healthy, is it pure water? Now a day's pure, clean, and safe drinking water is not…
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Conflicts Resolution

Conflicts Resolution and Urban Development

Urban Development takes many forms and it can share perspectives and practices with urban design. Several methods have been adopted by various countries in trying to tame the raving menace of social conflicts in their urban areas, ethnic and religious conflict is the most prominent…
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Slums and Urban Blight Problems

Slums and Urban Blight Problems in Developing Countries

The housing of different quality has been identified in various terms in writing when dealing with urban housing, Such terms include squatter settlements or shanty town, urban blight, and slums. The term slum is regularly used with reference to a social group as much as…
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