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Urban Planning

Why You Need to Consider Urban Planning as a Profession

Urban planning is a highly collaborative field, and urban planners spend much of their time working with others. An urban planner's day may start with a staff meeting to discuss the management of a planning project. Other meetings might include a team meeting with EngineersArchitectsHealth…
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Network Certificates

Best Network Certificates for Network Administrators

What are the best network certifications that any network administrator should consider obtaining and what is the role of a network? Certifications are an abundant way for IT professionals to showcase their expertise in a specific field or to show their qualifications. For those persons…
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Environmental Planning Careers

Environmental Policy and Environmental Planning Careers Overview

Most careers in environmental policy and environmental planning involve spending a lot of time in an office environment reading, researching, planning, and collaborating with co-workers. However, some environmental planning jobs involve the oversight or implementation of building programs, meaning that you may have to spend…
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Urban and Regional Planning

What are the Roles and Objectives of Urban and Regional Planners

Urban and regional planning is the art and science of ordering and managing land uses based on the detailed understanding and analysis of societal needs, goals and objectives within the social, economic and physical environmental framework. It is a professional discipline that is concerned with…
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Urban Planning

What is the Urban Planning Degree Holders Job Prospects?

Urban planning graduates have the skills that can be used in many different sectors. If you recently graduated and you have an urban planning degree, you might feel a little overwhelmed simply because of the different options available. There are many urban planning firms that…
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Environmental Planner

Environmental Planner Job Description and Impacts in National Development

Environmental planner largely deals with making sure that development projects comply with environmental laws and regulations. The professional help to reduce the impacts, facilitate environmental permitting, and write environmental reports and documents. Environmental planner analyze and minimize the environmental impacts of proposed construction projects and…
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