7 Profoundly Beautiful Places to Visit in Vagamon for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip

A small but incredibly scenic hill station in Kerala, Vagamon is a paradise for nature lovers. There are countless picturesque places to visit in Vagamon that will make you want to extend your trip to this sleepy town.

This quiet and once-forgotten quaint hill station is now the centre of bustling tourist activity. Just look at some of the most breathtaking Vagamon tourist places images online and you’ll understand why!

However, first-time visitors may be confused about what kind of Vagamon places to watch and explore first. Not to worry. We’ve compiled a fabulous list of the absolutely best and most beautiful places to visit in Vagamon just for you. Scroll through it now and decide where you’d like to begin your Vagamon exploration.

Top Vagamon Tourist Places Not to Miss

While you may have heard of fantastic places in Kerala such as Alleppey, Munnar, Thekkady, and more, Vagamon may sound fairly new. Let us assure you that there are countless awesome places to visit in Vagamon as well.

However, instead of making a hurried trip to the hill station on last minute flights, take time out to chart a detailed Vagamon trip plan. Check out the best Vagamon tourist places listed below and decide which ones to include in your itinerary.

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Vagamon Lake

Bordered by spectacular hills clothed in lush greenery, Vagamon Lake is among the most amazing places to visit in the region. Among the best places to visit in Vagamon for families, couples, and solo travellers alike.

Vagamon Lake offers fun activities such as boating, swimming, rowing, and others. You can also simply sit by the tranquil lake and enjoy the breathtaking surrounding scenery.

Barren Hills

Although the name Barren Hills Vagamon does not inspire much excitement, this is among the most beautiful places to visit in Vagamon. To experience the different seasons of Kerala, this is the ideal place to be.

According to season, the rolling hills change colour from lush green to brown and then turn bare. It’s the ideal picnic spot for seekers of back-to-nature experiences.

Vagamon Pine Forest

Of all spectacular Vagamon tourist places images, the majestic Vagamon pine forest stands out. Originally a man-made attraction from the British era, the woods have spread across quite a bit.

Forest lovers will enjoy strolling the pathways of this much sought-after movie shooting spot. Standing tall overlooking the charismatic valley, this is among the greatest tourist attractions in Vagamon.

Thangal Para

Primarily a pilgrim spot, Thangal Para is among the best viewpoints and top places to visit in Vagamon. As the name suggests, Thangal Para is a gigantic spherical rock resting atop the edge of a steep cliff, a place that was once inhabited by the revered Sufi saint Hazrat Sheikh Fariduddin Baba. Besides its spiritual significance, the place is also popular for being a fantastic viewpoint.

Marmala Waterfall

This is among the best and most beautiful places to visit in Vagamon for ardent waterfall lovers. Untouched and pristine, Marmala Waterfall is nestled comfortably amid lush greenery.

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Until recently, this was an obscure spot as it falls within an officially private property. It’s a great picnic spot for families or for couples to spend some quiet, quality time together.

Idukki Dam

Stretched across the stunning Periyar River, this fantastic geometric marvel is among the top tourist places to visit in Vagamon. If you’re an architecture enthusiast, you will appreciate the delicate-cum-sturdy and unique design of Idukki Dam.

It overlooks what can only be described as an artist’s imagination! Don’t forget to take your camera along when you visit this fabulous attraction!

Mundayakam Ghat

You will need to make your way across a rocky, inconvenient path to reach Mundayakam Ghat, one of the best places to visit in Vagamon. However, once you reach, you will see why it was worth the effort. Bluish-green hills with the backdrop of hazy grey skies – that is exactly how this spectacular place looks most days. It’s the ideal place to enjoy majestic sunset and sunrise views.

Best Time to Visit Vagamon

Beautiful Places

Since it is located at a high altitude, Vagamon experiences pleasant weather all year round. However, it is not advisable to book business class flights for a trip to Vagamon during the rainy season as it can hamper sightseeing plans.

Thereby, the best time to visit Vagamon tourist places is during the dry winter and summer months. You can enjoy paragliding and elephant rides during summer while winters are the best time for trekking and tea plantation tours.

How to Reach Vagamon

International travellers can book cheap flights to Cochin International Airport (COK), the nearest one to Vagamon. From Kochi Airport, you can hire a cab or take a taxi to reach and explore the fabulous places to visit in Vagamon. This stunning hill station can also be reached via regular trains and buses from major cities in Kerala and the rest of India.

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