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3D Architectural BIM Design Software Free Download

Edificius is the first 3D Architectural BIM design software integrated with a real-time rendering for your building design projects. You can finally decide, design and checking the results in real-time. Experience shapes, materials, objects, lights, etc. and forget those long waiting times for the simple render of a scene. If you are looking for a complete tool capable of addressing all aspects of architectural design, this 3D BIM design software is your last solution.

This 3D Architectural BIM design software gives you all the necessary project presentation tools too, real-time rendering, video and animations, scene photomontage and retouching tools together with an online Library of HD textures and 3D models. You can show your client a realistic simulation of the project and change materials. You can also re-arrange furniture or even make the desired changes to the architectural concept with your client. Your client will truly be at the centre of the project and feel part of the design process.

Edificius 3D Architectural BIM Design Software Features at a Glance

Construction Estimating Software PriMus ACCA software - 3D Architectural BIM Design Software Free Download

Built and Demolished elements with an automatic comparison between de-facto and planned elements: Edificius is the ideal solution for preparing renovation works or work variation surveys. In a unique design environment, you can manage two separate BIM models (de facto or surveyed and project). You can automatically produce a comparison table with drawings and the relating cost estimate of the planned interventions.

Working drawings, reports, schedules and import/export in standard formats: With Edificius you can compose your drawing models with great freedom by means of simple drag & drop functionality and automatically. You can produce highly detailed architectural reports, tables and project schedules. You can also export all drawings in the DXF/DWG file formats and your technical reports in the RTF format.

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BIM modelling with parametric architectural objects: Edificius, allows the user to automatically generate detailed plan views, elevation views, cross-sections, and isometric views… and all from a simple 2D/3D input! All construction documents are dynamically and seamlessly updated as the BIM model progresses!

Textures library, CAD blocks and Free 3D Models: The on-line BIM Objects Library has tens of thousands of free design resources already optimized for use in Edificius (HD Textures, 2D CAD Blocks, 3D Models, etc.). All the resources helping you to create high standard architectural content and without any fuss. You can download as many resources as you need. You can use the BIM Objects Library to publish and share your own creations with other users. And much more

Advantages of Edificius 3D Architectural BIM Design Software Integration

Edificius also includes a Professional 2D and 3D native DWG CAD. It allows you to draw with all the power of a CAD application with all the most common graphical entities: lines, polylines, arcs, circles, blocks, hatches, splines, 3D polylines, meshes, faces, 3D solid face, helices, point cloud, revision balloons. It has a user-friendly interface, drawing tools and commands similar to the most popular CAD solutions available on the market.

Integration with other ACCA software solutions that will soon be available for the International Market: The Edificius architectural BIM design model can also be integrated with information leading from other IFC standard compliant software. In some countries, Edificius can already be integrated with other ACCA solutions using its own proprietary software technology.

You can add MEP design information, Energy performance analysis, Health and Safety, Maintenance Plans, etc, to the Architectural BIM model. In fact, ACCA produces software for a multitude of design purposes in the Building and Construction sectors. Not of these solutions are available in all countries.

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Once again, if you are looking for a Smart BIM 3D Architectural Design software, download to add the Structural Engineering and Analysis or the advanced Cost Estimating and Bill of Quantities features, you will also need to have EdiLus and PriMus installed on your PC.

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